Asset Management for Telecom

Our asset management services include processing, packaging, warehousing and distributing as well as repair and remanufacturing of the inventory. We can ship your inventory in your packaging making our involvement in the distribution process invisible.

Asset Management - We Warehouse your Inventory

A separate group within Telesource works solely with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). This group supplies repair and remanufacturing services to manufacturers of PBX, Key systems and related products. Customized Asset Management services allow clients to concentrate on their core activities. Our remanufacturing facility becomes the hub for processing customer inventories.

In addition to repair and remanufacturing of the inventory, we will process, package, warehouse and distribute per your specifications. By shipping the products in your packaging, it makes our involvement in the distribution process all but invisible. Telesource asset management requires minimal customer administrative overhead and little or no dedicated staffing. We relieve the burden of asset management and allow you to direct internal resources at core business activities.

Manufacturer Support:
We offer support services to manufacturers, including: repair, remanufacture, warranty support, re-engineering, asset management and distribution services.

Warranty Support
Telesource is an authorized service center for many of the products we sell, distribute and support. For a list of manufacturers supported, please call 1-800-525-4300.

Technical Support
Telesource provides customers with toll-free support on most of the products we sell. Additionally, Telesource offers a tech-line, providing technical tips and information.

Inventory Management:
Consolidate your inventory into one physical location, under one definitive database at Telesource.

Logistic Services:
Telesource takes responsibility for ensuring that equipment arrives at the proper location and at the proper time.

Custom Packaging:
We provide our Asset Management customers with custom packaging so that the distribution process remains invisible.

Online Services:
Telesource customers have the option to connect to our Telesource database for real time inventory and pricing inquiries.

Enhanced Reporting:
Customized, detailed reporting allows our customers greater access to information on their products.

Want to know more about Telesource’s Asset Management? Call us at 1.800.525.4300.