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We make repairing your AVAYA phones and other AVAYA products easy with our online store. It’s easy AND you’ll save money when you repair your AVAYA equipment instead of purchasing expensive brand new equipment. Our repair services are unsurpassed in the industry in the quality of the repair and the appearance of the product–you literally will not be able to distinguish our repaired equipment from an OEM-new one!

AVAYA 2400 Series RepairAVAYA 2400 Series Phone Repair
Repair for AVAYA 2402, 2410, 2420 and the EU -24 expansion module.
AVAYA 4600 Series RepairAVAYA 4600 Series Phone Repair
Repair for AVAYA 4602SW, 4606, 4610SW, 4612, 4620, 4620SW, 4621, and 4624.
AVAYA 6400 Series RepairAVAYA 6400 Series Phone Repair
Repair for AVAYA 6402D, 6408D+, 6408+, 6416D+, 6416D+M, 6424D+, 6424D+M and the XM-24 expansion module.
AVAYA 7400 Series RepairAVAYA 7400 Series Phone Repair
Repair for AVAYA 7401+, 7403, 7405, 7406 D01/03, 7406 D02/04, 7406 D07, 7406+ D07, 7406+ D08, 7407 D02, 7407+ D02D, 7410+ D02, 7434 D01, and 7444.
AVAYA 8400 Series RepairAVAYA 8400 Series Phone Repair Repair for AVAYA 8403, 8405B, 8405B+, 8405D, 8405D+, 8410B, 8410D, 8411D, and 8434DX. AVAYA CallMaster RepairAVAYA CallMaster Phone Repair Repair for AVAYA CallMaster I, II, III, IV, V, and VI.
AVAYA Definity Circuit Pack RepairAVAYA Definity Circuit Pack RepairRepair for AVAYA Definity circuit packs TN2214B, TN2224B, TN464D, TN725B, TN793, and TN793B. AVAYA Definity Console RepairAVAYA Definity Console Repair Repair for AVAYA Definity attendant consoles 302A1, 302B, 302C, and 302D.
AVAYA Legend MLX RepairAVAYA Legend MLX Phone Repair Repair for AVAYA Legend MLX-5, MLX-5D, MLX-10, MLX-10D, MLX-10DP, MLX-16DP MLX-20L, MLX-28D, and MLX-DSS. AVAYA Magix 4400 Series RepairAVAYA Magix Phone RepairRepair for AVAYA 4400, 4400D, 4406D+, 4412D+, 4424D+, 4424LD+, and the 4450 expansion module.
AVAYA Merlin RepairAVAYA Merlin Phone RepairRepair for AVAYA Merlin 5-BTN (7302H), 10-BTN (7303H), 34-BTN, 34-BTN Deluxe, HFAI-10 (7309H), and BIS-34D (7317H) phones. AVAYA Partner RepairAVAYA Partner RepairRepair for AVAYA Partner MLS-6, MLS-12, MLS-12D, MLS-18D, MLS-34D, Eurostyle 6, 18, 18D, and 34D, and Eurostyle II 6, 18D, and 34D Phones; Call Assistants CA24 and CA48; Expansion Modules 206E, 206EC,  ACS 012E, ACS 308EC, and ACS 400EC; ACS 6.0 and 7.0 Processors and Partner Mail VS Voice Mail Systems.
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Telesource Services

Cisco IP Phone Repair










Cisco IP phone repair is our specialty and we can repair the entire Cisco 7900 series–from discontinued models to the latest in technology.

Cisco 7902G IP Phone
Cisco 7905G IP Phone
Cisco 7910G IP Phone
Cisco 7911G IP Phone
Cisco 7912G IP Phone
Cisco 7914 Expansion Module
Cisco 7920 Wireless Phone
Cisco 7921G Wireless Phone
Cisco 7925G Wireless Phone
Cisco 7935 Conference Phone
Cisco 7936 IP Conference Phone
Cisco 7937G IP Conference Phone
Cisco 7940G IP Phone
Cisco 7941G IP Phone
Cisco 7942G IP Phone
Cisco 7945G IP Phone
Cisco 7960G IP Phone
Cisco 7961G IP Phone
Cisco 7962G IP Phone
Cisco 7965G IP Phone
Cisco 7970G IP Phone
Cisco 7975G IP Phone


Save Money with Repair
Repairing your Cisco IP phones is a great way to reduce your Cisco SMARTnet costs–repairing your Cisco IP phones on an “as needed” basis can save you over 50% of on your SMARTnet costs.

Quality You Can Trust
You can trust us with your repairs. We have been repairing and remanufacturing voice and data communications equipment since 1979. Our industry-leading remanufacturing process ensures equipment from us looks and performs like new. And, we stand behind our products with a full one-year warranty.

All testing and repair is performed at our state-of-the-art depot repair center in Bensenville, Illinois by trained and certified technicians. Our repair and remanufacturing processes are in compliance with original manufacturer specifications and subject to rigorous testing throughout the process.

Get Started Today
Call us today and we’ll answer any questions you may have about our Cisco repair services.

How to Reduce your Cisco SMARTnet Costs

Reducing your Cisco SMARTnet costs is easier than you think.
Many of our Cisco IP phone repair customers originally came to us when looking for an alternative to the high cost of Cisco’s SMARTnet service. What we have been able to show them is that by repairing their Cisco IP phones on an “as needed” basis they can save over 50% of their SMARTnet costs.

What we’ve seen is that most organizations are paying more for their SMARTnet contracts than what the repairs on their failed phones would cost. Check out our cost comparison.

Most organizations experience about a 3% annual failure rate with their Cisco IP Phones— less than the 4% we use in our cost savings model. In addition, we use a SMARTnet cost of $7.00 per unit   which is lower than most SMARTnet per unit costs. By using a higher failure rate and lower SMARTnet cost the model is stacked in favor of Cisco SMARTnet, however, take a look at the results….

Cisco SMARTnet Cost Analysis

Even when favoring Cisco’s SMARTnet in this analysis we can still show that most Cisco IP phone users should save over 50% on their Cisco IP phone repairs by going to “as needed” repair.

Repair is what we do best.
We have been repairing and remanufacturing phones for over 36 years. A phone from us isn’t just repaired it is remanufactured to original OEM quality and specifications. Our industry-leading remanufacturing process ensures equipment from us looks and performs like new. And, we stand behind our products with a full one-year warranty.

The process is simple.
Give us a call. We’ll connect you with one of our account managers. They can explain all the details and set you up with an account. Then when you have a phone you need to send in for repair contact your account manager and they will enter a repair order for you and send you a copy. Print a copy of the repair order, pack it with the phone(s) to be repaired and send the package to us. It’s that simple.

Want to learn more?
Call us today and we’ll answer any questions you may have about our Cisco repair services.

Ready to try our repair services?
Call us at 1.800.525.4300 and we’ll get you in touch with an account manager who can start the repair process for you.


We are now a reseller of Interalia Products and Solutions

Telesource is excited to announce our new reseller partnership with Interalia Inc., a global leader in music and message announcement solutions.

For over 39 years, Interalia has been providing quality products and solutions that their customers use to create and deliver quality messages anytime, anywhere and anyplace. FromsimpleMessaging-On-HoldtoAirTrafficInformationSystems,Interalia suiteofmessagingplatforms ensuresthatyourmessagewillbeheard. Their products are feature-rich, easy to use, and require minimum effort to configure. That’s why they are installed in over 250,000 places worldwide.

With our partnership, Telesource and Interalia can provide innovative ways to greet and inform customers, broadcast warnings or promote brands. Typical applications of Interalia’s products include:

  • Music, Message and Marketing On Hold
  • Audio Messaging
  • In-store Announcements
  • Triggered Announcements/Messaging
  • Pre-Recorded Paging
  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) Announcements
  • Call Center Queue Announcement
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Dial by Name
  • Hotel Wake Up
  • Priority Announcements
  • ATIS – Automated Terminal Information System
  • Emergency Broadcasts/Notifications
  • Crisis Notifications
  • School Emergencies, Lockdowns, Updates, etc.
  • Information Lines
  • 911 Verification Service
  • Health and Welfare bulletins
  • Weather and Road Conditions
  • And many more…

Quality Products

At Telesource, quality is important to us. We are TL 9000 and ISO 9001 registered and committed to supplying quality goods and services that exceed our customer’s expectations. So, we are pleased to add that Interalia is also an ISO 9001 registered company.  Interalia strives to deliver the highest possible quality in their products and manufacturing process, and before any product is released for manufacturing it must run through an exhaustive product verification cycle to ensure that it will consistently perform in the field.

Give us a call today to find out how an Interalia product can help you inform, interact and communicate better with your customers.



Introducing Complete Repair for CISCO 7925G Wireless Phones


CP7925G Repair of Cisco’s 7925G wireless phone has long been a challenge for many of our Cisco customers. Until recently, we were only able to support the technical and electronic parts repair and replacement and did not have a solution to replace broken and worn plastics. It has taken a few years to develop the replacement plastic parts and we are pleased to announce that we have successfully sourced all key replacement components and we can now repair and replace broken plastic components including:
  • Top and Bottom Housings
  • LCD Displays
  • Lenses
  • Keypads
  • Speakers
  • Antennas
  • Microphones
  • Volume controls
  • Headset ports
  • Etc…
Sourcing all the components with level of quality we hold ourselves to took some time, but we’ve done it and we can now deliver a remanufactured Cisco 7925G wireless phone that functions and looks as good as new.

Cisco 7925G Wireless Phone

Repair for Cisco 7925G Wireless Phone $145 Order Online or Call
Cisco 7925G Wireless Phone – Refurbished  Call for pricing and availability
Extended Battery for Cisco 7925G Wireless Phone  $39.99 Order Online or Call
cisco_7925g_repairSend us your broken CP7925Gs and we’ll send you back a phone that looks great and works perfect.For repairs on Cisco 7925Gs or any other Cisco phones, give us a call at 1.800.525.4300.


We are now repairing ShoreTel!

Now Repairing ShoreTel





We are pleased to announce that we are now repairing Shoretel IP Phones and other Shoretel components!

The popular Shoretel IP phone system product line joins the list of over 50 other manufacturers of voice and data networking products that we repair for our customers.

Below is a list of Shoretel products we are now repairing. If you don’t see the ShoreTel component you need repaired please give us a call as we may have recently added it to our capabilities. If we aren’t already repairing it we’ll add it to our future capabilities list.

SHOREPHONE IP110 (10176/10177)
SHOREPHONE IP115 (10216/10217)
SHOREPHONE IP212k (10198/10199)
SHOREPHONE IP230 (10196/10197)
SHOREPHONE IP230g (10267/10268)
SHOREPHONE IP265 (10218/10219)
SHOREPHONE IP420 (10439/10495)
SHOREPHONE IP480 and 480g (10496/10437/10497)
SHOREPHONE IP485g (10436/10498)
SHOREPHONE IP560 (10156/10148)
SHOREPHONE IP560g (10203/10204/10205)
SHOREPHONE IP565g (10220/10221)

You can trust us with your repairs. We have been repairing voice and data networking equipment for over 36 years. Our industry-leading remanufacturing process ensures equipment from us looks and performs like new. And, we stand behind our products with a full one-year warranty. All testing and repair is performed at our state-of-the-art depot repair center in Bensenville, Illinois by trained and certified technicians. Our repair and remanufacturing processes are in compliance with original manufacturer specifications and subject to rigorous testing throughout the process.

We have won numerous awards for quality repair, including the Verizon Repair Vendor of the Year and the Teleconnect Refurbishing Excellence Award and we are TL9000 and ISO9001 registered.

For ShoreTel repair, or any other phone equipment repair, give us a call at 800.525.4300.


AVAYA Expected to Increase Prices

Avaya is expected to announce a price increase of 5% to 9% on many components that will take effect on February 4th, 2013. The increase affects some of their most popular end points:  including 9650’s, 9640’s 9630’s, 9620’s, and 9608’s.

At Telesource, we realize that price increases on businesses trying to operate under budget is daunting. In our efforts to help you reach your business goals, we will maintain our current prices for as long as our lower cost inventory lasts. We also offer very high quality refurbished gear at great discounts.

In addition to supplying AVAYA gear at great prices we can repair your AVAYA gear helping you get top performance from your investment well into the future.

You do have alternatives to reduce the impact of higher equipment costs and we can help, if you have questions please contact us and we can discuss ways to stretch your budget while maintaining your network’s integrity.



iPad repairs…We help enterprises manage them.

Are iPads part of your IT portfolio?
Many large businesses are now buying iPads by the thousands for their employees. Great for the employees, not so great for the IT department because now IT has to manage the inevitable repairs on these mobile units.

What’s your plan for managing the inevitable iPad repairs?
For many companies a depot repair service is the easiest and fastest to way to keep their valuable assets in service.  With deport repair, you send the broken iPad in for repair and it’s returned in like-new condition ready for redeployment by the IT department. Others companies elect to have the entire repair and replacement process managed by a third party. With asset management the redeployment process is even easier and faster because replacement inventory is ready to ship directly to field and branch offices as needed and broken and damaged units are repaired and placed into your inventory as they are returned.

Whether you choose depot repair or asset management we can help.
At Telesource managing repairs for the enterprise customer is a core service of ours. We’ve been repairing and remanufacturing circuit board based technology since 1979. Combine our experience with our ISO 9001 and TL 9000 certifications and any enterprise customers can rest assured that we provide the highest quality repairs and services.


iPad Complete Repair  with a 1 Year Warranty
Complete repair includes replacement of (if needed):
Glass, Digitizer, LCD, Battery, Audio Jack, Power button,  Volume Button, Back Plate, Wi-Fi, Transceiver, USB Port, Home button, Speaker, Front and Back Camera, Bezel, Mute/Rotate Button, and Charging/Docking Port


We repair iPhones too!

iPhone Complete Repair  with a 90 Day Warranty
Complete repair includes replacement of (if needed):
Glass, Battery, Digitizer, LCD, Audio Jack, Power button, Volume Button, Back Plate, Wi-Fi, Transceiver, USB Port, Home button, Speaker, Front and Back Camera, Bezel, Mute/Rotate Button, and Charging/Docking Port


Need a different plan?
We can customize a repair service plan for your enterprises’ needs. Just give us call, 1.800.525.4300.


We have renewed our TL 9000 and ISO 9001 registrations!

TL9000 Certified

We are pleased to announce we have renewed our TL 9000 and ISO 9001 registrations.  Specifically we now hold TL 9000 Release 5.0 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications. We also added the reverse logistics designation to our TL9000 registration this year and we are in fact the first company in the United States to earn the new Reverse Logistics registration.

ISO Certified 9001:2008Why TL 9000 registration in addition to the more widely known ISO 9000?  Although the TL 9000 certification is less known it is specifically targeted to companies in the Telecom hardware business. The TL9000 Quality Requirements were developed by the QuEST Forum, a group of fellow Telecom manufacturers, equipment repair providers, logistics providers and users who compare quality data and trends to establish industry baselines specific to Telecom. TL 9000 also requires customer feedback and participation that leads to direct actions on mutual quality objectives.

Recertification was a major objective for us and is the result of a lot of hard work lead by our Quality Manger Jim Fanning and his dedicated team of internal auditors.  Achieving TL 9000 and ISO certifications remains at its heart a team effort for us as every employee in our company is integral to the effort of getting the certifications and the day-to-day activities that are part of our quality processes. It is only with every Telesource employee’s commitment that can we get and keep these high level quality designations.

Reestablishing our TL 9000 and ISO 9000 certifications is important to us and we believe demonstrates our commitment to customer driven quality in the telecom product space.

Check us out and see the difference being TL 9000 and ISO 9001 certified makes for our customers.


Phone System Crash Kits

As a workforce we are mobile and wireless. We communicate using email and LinkedIn. We rely on the Internet more and more. Yet despite all this new technology our office’s phone system is still the backbone of our communication.

But as integral as our phone systems are to our businesses, we don’t often treat them that way. We back up our servers and hard drives. We install alarm systems and sprinklers. We prepare for the worst case scenario, except when it comes to our main line of communication, our phone system.Phone Crash Kits

So how do we prepare for worst-case-scenario when it comes it our phone system?
Create a basic phone system crash kit, a back-up kit, a little insurance policy for your main line of communication.

Your Basic Phone System Crash Kit
Putting together a phone system crash kit in case of an emergency is one of the easiest and most cost effective things to do. It’s as simple as determining your most essential phone system components, ordering a back-up of each part, and keeping it on-site.

A basic crash kit should have:
1 processor
Key power supply/supplies
Key system circuit cards
Minimum 1 or 1% endpoints

Of course, the best crash/back-up kit for your office is going to depend on the type of business you operate, the size of your office, and your particular phone system. If you’re not sure what this means for your office give us a call and we’ll help you determine your phone systems most vital parts and what you would need to be back up and running if your phone system were to ever have a problem.

Plus, an added bonus of a crash kit is that most maintenance/service techs will offer a discount if you have on-site replacement parts because it saves them time and money as well as the headache of searching down parts and expediting them to your location.

Call us today to get started on a crash kit for your phone system.