Cisco IP Phone Repair










Cisco IP phone repair is our specialty and we can repair the entire Cisco 7900 series–from discontinued models to the latest in technology.

Cisco 7902G IP Phone
Cisco 7905G IP Phone
Cisco 7910G IP Phone
Cisco 7911G IP Phone
Cisco 7912G IP Phone
Cisco 7914 Expansion Module
Cisco 7920 Wireless Phone
Cisco 7921G Wireless Phone
Cisco 7925G Wireless Phone
Cisco 7935 Conference Phone
Cisco 7936 IP Conference Phone
Cisco 7937G IP Conference Phone
Cisco 7940G IP Phone
Cisco 7941G IP Phone
Cisco 7942G IP Phone
Cisco 7945G IP Phone
Cisco 7960G IP Phone
Cisco 7961G IP Phone
Cisco 7962G IP Phone
Cisco 7965G IP Phone
Cisco 7970G IP Phone
Cisco 7975G IP Phone


Save Money with Repair
Repairing your Cisco IP phones is a great way to reduce your Cisco SMARTnet costs–repairing your Cisco IP phones on an “as needed” basis can save you over 50% of on your SMARTnet costs.

Quality You Can Trust
You can trust us with your repairs. We have been repairing and remanufacturing voice and data communications equipment since 1979. Our industry-leading remanufacturing process ensures equipment from us looks and performs like new. And, we stand behind our products with a full one-year warranty.

All testing and repair is performed at our state-of-the-art depot repair center in Bensenville, Illinois by trained and certified technicians. Our repair and remanufacturing processes are in compliance with original manufacturer specifications and subject to rigorous testing throughout the process.

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