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Recycled paper, biodegradable packaging, energy-efficient lighting and office equipment, the “Going Green” initiative is in full force in offices everywhere. Did you know you can take your company’s “green” efforts one step further with Telesource? Here’s how:

…by buying remanufactured telecom equipment.
…by repairing instead of tossing.
…by trading in older equipment.


Buying Remanufactured Telecommunications Equipment

Buying remanufactured equipment helps the environment by easing the burden on landfills and reducing carbon emissions from the manufacturing process, all while saving you money. Telesource remanufacturing effectively recycles defective and out-of-service equipment so that it can be placed back into service without any compromises in quality.

Chances are you’re not using the same computer you were in 2000. But how about your telephone set? While computer components have a tendency to quickly become obsolete and wear out this isn’t the case with telecommunications products. Some of our best-selling telephones, like the Nortel Meridian M2616 and the Avaya Definity 6408D+, have been manufactured by the original manufacturer for 15 years–why mess with something that’s intuitive, easy to use, extremely durable, and is still current by today’s standards.

Newer phones are also available on the remanufactured market. Generally, equipment that has been on the market for over one year is available in the secondary market, including the latest IP phones.

Repairing your Telecommunications Equipment

You can further ease landfill burdens by using our industry-leading repair services. We will repair and remanufacture your phone, or other telecommunications equipment, so it’s like new. You literally cannot tell the difference between a Telesource remanufactured telephone set and a factory-new one and because we are so confident in our remanufacturing process we provide a one year warranty and a love it or return it 30-day guarantee.

Trading In

If you are upgrading your phone system and various telecommunication equipment, don’t just throw away your older phones and other equipment. Use Telesource’s “Trade-In, Step-Up!” program and trade-in your existing equipment for the latest technology. It’s a win-win situation. You trade in your equipment and save thousands off of your new purchase AND you keep your old equipment out of the landfill!

In addition to the wide variety of legacy telephone sets we sell and support, Telesource also carries cutting-edge equipment, like VoIP sets and peripherals. Regardless of your needs, we have you covered.

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