AVAYA Expected to Increase Prices

Avaya is expected to announce a price increase of 5% to 9% on many components that will take effect on February 4th, 2013. The increase affects some of their most popular end points:  including 9650’s, 9640’s 9630’s, 9620’s, and 9608’s.

At Telesource, we realize that price increases on businesses trying to operate under budget is daunting. In our efforts to help you reach your business goals, we will maintain our current prices for as long as our lower cost inventory lasts. We also offer very high quality refurbished gear at great discounts.

In addition to supplying AVAYA gear at great prices we can repair your AVAYA gear helping you get top performance from your investment well into the future.

You do have alternatives to reduce the impact of higher equipment costs and we can help, if you have questions please contact us and we can discuss ways to stretch your budget while maintaining your network’s integrity.