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Order Your AVAYA Repairs Online

We make repairing your AVAYA phones and other AVAYA products easy with our online store. It’s easy AND you’ll save money when you repair your AVAYA equipment instead of purchasing expensive brand new equipment. Our repair services are unsurpassed in the industry in the quality of the repair and the appearance of the product–you literally will not be able to distinguish our repaired equipment from an OEM-new one!

AVAYA 2400 Series RepairAVAYA 2400 Series Phone Repair
Repair for AVAYA 2402, 2410, 2420 and the EU -24 expansion module.
AVAYA 4600 Series RepairAVAYA 4600 Series Phone Repair
Repair for AVAYA 4602SW, 4606, 4610SW, 4612, 4620, 4620SW, 4621, and 4624.
AVAYA 6400 Series RepairAVAYA 6400 Series Phone Repair
Repair for AVAYA 6402D, 6408D+, 6408+, 6416D+, 6416D+M, 6424D+, 6424D+M and the XM-24 expansion module.
AVAYA 7400 Series RepairAVAYA 7400 Series Phone Repair
Repair for AVAYA 7401+, 7403, 7405, 7406 D01/03, 7406 D02/04, 7406 D07, 7406+ D07, 7406+ D08, 7407 D02, 7407+ D02D, 7410+ D02, 7434 D01, and 7444.
AVAYA 8400 Series RepairAVAYA 8400 Series Phone Repair Repair for AVAYA 8403, 8405B, 8405B+, 8405D, 8405D+, 8410B, 8410D, 8411D, and 8434DX. AVAYA CallMaster RepairAVAYA CallMaster Phone Repair Repair for AVAYA CallMaster I, II, III, IV, V, and VI.
AVAYA Definity Circuit Pack RepairAVAYA Definity Circuit Pack RepairRepair for AVAYA Definity circuit packs TN2214B, TN2224B, TN464D, TN725B, TN793, and TN793B. AVAYA Definity Console RepairAVAYA Definity Console Repair Repair for AVAYA Definity attendant consoles 302A1, 302B, 302C, and 302D.
AVAYA Legend MLX RepairAVAYA Legend MLX Phone Repair Repair for AVAYA Legend MLX-5, MLX-5D, MLX-10, MLX-10D, MLX-10DP, MLX-16DP MLX-20L, MLX-28D, and MLX-DSS. AVAYA Magix 4400 Series RepairAVAYA Magix Phone RepairRepair for AVAYA 4400, 4400D, 4406D+, 4412D+, 4424D+, 4424LD+, and the 4450 expansion module.
AVAYA Merlin RepairAVAYA Merlin Phone RepairRepair for AVAYA Merlin 5-BTN (7302H), 10-BTN (7303H), 34-BTN, 34-BTN Deluxe, HFAI-10 (7309H), and BIS-34D (7317H) phones. AVAYA Partner RepairAVAYA Partner RepairRepair for AVAYA Partner MLS-6, MLS-12, MLS-12D, MLS-18D, MLS-34D, Eurostyle 6, 18, 18D, and 34D, and Eurostyle II 6, 18D, and 34D Phones; Call Assistants CA24 and CA48; Expansion Modules 206E, 206EC,  ACS 012E, ACS 308EC, and ACS 400EC; ACS 6.0 and 7.0 Processors and Partner Mail VS Voice Mail Systems.
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